Japanese Night Street Food in Jakarta 

For enjoying night ambiance of the city with affordable dinner menu, people may choose to buy foods from street stalls. In Indonesia, especially in Java area, people can have angkringan or wedangan. Meanwhile, in Japan, people have yatai. Both angkringan and yatai offers their food by wooden moveable cart. 

Now, in Jakarta, people can experience the yatai moment with its iconic red lanterns in Tanpopo Menteng. Several wooden carts are available to provide various kinds of Japanese foods. People may choose authentic Japanese foods from ramen, gyudon, to oden. To experience more alive dinner, people may pick yakiniku in which they grill and flavor the meat by themselves. Generally, the price is more affordable than the Japanese foods sold in Restaurant.


Enjoy the Smoke for the Best Sate Klathak

Sate or Satay is one of the most popular and favorite dishes  in Indonesia. Sate is any kind of meats (chicken, beef, mutton, etc) which are seasoned, skewered, and grilled. 

Yogyakarta city has a specific style of Satay named Sate Klathak. When other satay is skewered by bamboo stick, it uses iron stick from bicycle spokes. It only uses mutton simply seasoned with salt and pepper. 

The name klathak itself is inspired by the sound produced when satay is being grilled. So seeing the smoke with klathak sound seems we wait a nice and best satay to serve soon. With the bigger cut of meats than common satay, Sate Klathak can easily make us full soon.