About Indonesia Travelmagz

Welcome… Selamat Datang!

Being so thankful to be born and live in Indonesia, Sonny & Satrio Brothers want to share the images and stories about this biggest world’s biggest archipelago.

Indonesia Travelmagz is born for inviting people around the world to understand Indonesia in simple ways through its travel, culture, and gastronomy exploration.

Sonny & Satrio Brothers

Sonny Hendrawan Saputra – Organizing people from various countries for study and cultural festival for years has opened his mind about the need of giving information about Indonesia. His idea to share about Indonesia encourages him to create Instagram account @indonesia_travelmagz which eventually grows to be this blog. Sonny – who has ever been invited by President of Republic Indonesia Joko Widodo in Presidential Palace as appreciation for blogger – currently works as Corporate Communication person in the world biggest two-wheels automotive industry based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Satrio Budi Utomo –  A sport junkie who loves to explore nature and history. His life now as a student majoring geography in Surakarta (popularly known as Solo city) challenges him to explore many spots that can be very attractive for adventure lovers. Joining soccerr team in his university and city club also opens the opportunity for him to visit more places which he can also enjoy his photography hobby.


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