Garut, Seen from A Window

Listening to a word Garut, Indonesian people may refer it directly to Dodol, a super popular Indonesian sweet toffe-like confection from Garut.

In fact, Garut is not only about Dodol. The city in southern part of West Java province has a lot of natural wonders to visit. Let’s mention some of them like “the silence” Cijeruk Indah Beach, “the big wave” Rancabuaya Beach, and “the bat house” Puncak Guha Beach. For the peaceful moment seekers, Cipanas natural hot water bath or Orok waterfall can be the choice to explore.

Unfortunately, in my short visit in Garut, I don’t  have  a lot of time to enjoy those tempting natural spots. However, I don’t feel disappointed because I can still see what Garut is like by passing through the city by car.

From a window of car in this accidental city tour, I take some shots of Garut that may reflect the daily life of the city. The spirit of people, crowd of activities, and some landmarks cheer the city tour moment.

The King of the Street

The Bridge Talk

Smile for the Day… and Where Is Your Helmet?

Meet the Tiger

Rice Delivery

Togetherness is Priority

The Classic Horse Cart..Where’s the Horse Anyway?

The Garut Batik Monument

Blooming on the Sky

One of Thousands Mosques in Garut (1)

One of Thousands Mosques in Garut (2)

Bike and Nature Are Good Friends

The Walk of Afternoon, Blue Mountain Is Waiting


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